21 Years of Paying Winners

Over $10,000  will be given away!

$500 Cash competitions each Saturday in September from 7PM-9PM.

$50 Horseplay consolation prizes.

$5,000 Grand prize competition on Saturday, September 28th!

Entries start September 1st (15 points per entry)

  • $500 Cash competitions will take place each Saturday in September from 7pm-9pm (drawings each hour).
  • Patrons can start earning entries Sunday, September 1st (15 points per entry) by playing with their gold Club card.
  • Patrons can win double points each Monday during the promotion.
  • Each hour, 7pm-9pm, three contenders will be drawn from the large hopper.
  • Each contender will be given three pucks to drop into the Chaching machine.
  • The contender with the highest score at the end of the competition will win $500 in cash.
  • The other two contenders will receive a consolation prize of $50 in Horseplay.
  • The final competition on September 28th at 9pm will be for $5,000 in cash!
  • If there is a tie for first, the contenders that are tied will repeat the Chaching machine competition process.
  • Patrons can win once each hour.
  • Must be 18 to play.
  • Must be present to win.