Feathers of Fortune

Friday, November 29th. 6pm-10pm.
$3,000 Grand Prize!
$300 Consolation prizes (During final round)
Patrons can earn entries beginning November 4th (15 points per entry)

  • Earned entries will begin Monday, November 4th (15 points per entry)

  • Drawings will take place Friday, November 29th, from 6pm-10pm

  • Each hour, 6pm-9pm, three names will be drawn from the large hopper

  • Patrons will have 3 minutes to make it to the front lobby

  • If they do not make it in that time, another name will be drawn

  • The three patrons will be presented with seven feather envelopes

  • Patrons will choose a feather in the order they were called

  • The turkey feather envelopes will have a prize listed inside

  • $100 Horseplay

  • $50 Horseplay + $50 Food Card

  • $50 Horseplay + Stables Blanket

  • All three patrons from each hour’s drawings will be placed into the small finalist hopper

  • At 10pm, three names will be drawn from the small finalist hopper

  • Three turkey feather envelopes will be presented to the three finalists

  • Once the three finalists have picked their feather, they will be instructed to open them one at a time

  • Two of the feathers will have $300 cash prizes

  • One feather will have the grand prize amount of $3,000 in cash

  • Patrons can win once each hour

  • Must be present to win

  • Must be 18 or older to participate